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Justin Bieber Vocal Preset (WAVES)

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Vocal Effect BEFORE:


Vocal Effect AFTER:



A truly versatile vocal template. This preset is almost exactly the same settings as Bieber's vocal chain. Recording has never been easier, download and achieve the sound of one of the best singers of all time in seconds. As easy as 1..2..3.. focus on your craft and let this preset handle the mixing and vocal setup for you.

In this vocal template preset pack, I will include the vocal chain as well as a full instruction tutorial PDF on how to use it properly and how to manipulate it to mold your sound. This PDF will also include many tips and tricks on how to get the best sounding mix possible as well as links to all the equipment I use!

Plugins Used:
  • Wavestune Real Time
  • CLA-2A
  • C6 Multiband Compressor
  • F6 EQ
  • DeEsser
  • Manny Reverb
  • WAVE¬†Plugins¬†only

  • Works on every DAW using StudioRack from WAVES
  • Easy Install Instructions¬†PDF document

  • Supports Windows and¬†Mac Operating Systems

  • Instructions¬†on how to find key scale to beat

  • Instant File Download After Purchase