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Vocal Presets - The Future of Music

Achieving a high quality, industry standard sound while recording and making songs is the last thing preventing new artists from competing wit today's top talent.

About Vocal Presets

Becoming a famous artist used to be near impossible only 5-10 years ago. One of the major reasons for this being the case is due to people not being able to make high quality music. With technology growing at a rapid pace and prices going down, young artists all around the globe are making amazing music in their bedroom. 

Purchasing equipment can be ordered online and shipped to your house in a single day. Most people have a laptop these days and downloading software such as GarageBand is free, while Logic Pro X and FL Studio is very fairly priced. From their you just need to hang up some blankets, plug in your equipment and start making the next hit!

Artists such as Lil Nas X are grabbing their beats off YouTube and beginning to write! Creating fire records is becoming so easy! There is only one last thing preventing beginner artists from competing with top musicians: achieving a high quality sound that reaches industry standards. Vocal presets are definitely the answer to this problem.

My Product

I have lived in Los Angeles and visited top studios to ask engineers exactly how they mix today's top artists. I got an inside look into exactly what plugins, settings, and effects they use. Explaining how to create, manipulate, and the process within these presets would take years. Luckily, this complicated process that takes a whole lifetime to perfect can be saved into a small file and shared with anyone.

I am confident that I have curated the best product on the internet to get new artists sounding professional. I stand out from the competitors because I am industry myself working with top producers, engineers, and songwriters. These vocal chains are the answer to achieving a high quality sound. My products are exact settings and templates used in the vocal chains of famous artists such as Justin Bieber, Juice WRLD, Pop Smoke, Drake, Summer Walker, and many others. 

Why You Should Own Vocal Presets

I am beyond confident that vocal presets are the future of music creation, giving new artists the ability to compete with today's top artists. This one file will give you a standing chance to be heard and respected by your peers. Learning how to mix vocals and production takes years and expensive education. Taking advice from online engineers and armatures also takes hours, is hard to follow, and still does not guarantee perfect results. Vocal presets sold on jordanrys.com are 100% guaranteed to give you an amazing quality recording. Upgrade your sound and take your music to the next level by purchasing a vocal preset from Jordan Rys today!