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How To Install Vocal Presets

How To Install on Logic Pro X

How To Install on FL Studio

How To Install for Waves


  • Record in an extremely quiet room.

  • Change the pitch correction to the key of the song before listening to the preset. If you don’t know the key of the song or can’t google it, then use this site:

  • Place the mic in a closet - not room - surrounded with clothes, blankets, or pillows.

  • Sing directly into the mic. Make sure your mouth is pointed directly forward.

  • Do not sing too closely to the mic. Stand at least 6 inches away.

  • Wave forms should be too tall/loud to avoid clipping & not too short/quiet.

  • Volume should be hitting around -10db when played with the fader/slider at 0db. Adjust interface mic gain to make this happen.

  • Invest in a good microphone. I use a Studio Projects C1 Mic which is $250 online.

  • Invest in a Kaotica Eyeball for $200 which puts a sound proof ball over the mic.

  • Adjust the preset to your personal voice. The preset is for my voice as it is, yours will need tweaking - mainly in the EQ settings.